It’s a Wrap!

So, here we are again, the frantic race to the end of the year, so much to do with so little time in which to do it! Wherever you will be celebrating the holidays, I am sure that if you are reading this blog, wine will be involved! With a number of open house parties, and dinners either at a restaurant or a festive home cooked meal with friends, I know that I am spending more on wine this month…goes without saying. I have already been to at least three dinners, one where we all brought very special bottles of wine to be shared and the others  where I had to think about a wine gift to bring. So much pressure! To top it all off, I have been placed in charge of purchasing the wines for a very special upcoming annual celebration with 22 dear friends.  As everyone is contributing to the cost, I  wanted to take into consideration the budget…to find the best wines to pair with the meal at the best possible price.  At this time of the year our local wine merchant is incredibly busy but I love to consult with him and walk up and down the aisles seeking out some really great buys. I also enjoy introducing our friends to new wines, ones that they might not be aware of, or think of to pair with a meal.  We are, most of us, comfortable finding the right Chardonnay, Cabernet or even Pinot Noir to serve, so this holiday season I challenge you to challenge yourself…dig a little deeper! Perhaps it is time to check out a Chenin Blanc or go crazy experimenting with a Gewurztraminer or Sangiovese, explore a new region, experience a new taste! There are varietals from all over the world which are  pleasing to the palate and also your pocket book. Let’s all think outside the box as we usher in the New Year, and by all means, have a great Holiday Season!!


Here are the wines I chose for the dinner event…

60% Sauvignon Blanc and 40% Semillion

Piaugier Cotes du Rhone-Villages Sablet 2012

Made from 25 year old Grenache and syrah vines…classic southern Cotes du Rhone/Provencal offering.