The Eyes Have It

As you walk up and down the aisle of your favorite wine merchant you might just hear a whole lot of screaming…by that I mean the labels on each bottle of wine are screaming to try to get your attention!! Each section along the aisle is filled with wines of all shapes, sizes and  price points. This proliferation of wine brands just means that the competition is fierce out there, and from my point of view, there are a lot of wineries that are not putting their best foot forward in marketing their wines. So many questions come into play as a wine marketer, do you want to play to the ‘Baby Boomers’ or the ‘Millennials’ or even better, how do you market to both!?! After all, Millennials shop differently than Boomers. I find that I am guilty of drinking with my eyes as I look for new wines to try and a carefully crafted label has the ability to attract my attention. As wineries strive for that instant shelf appeal it is apparent to me that many consumers shop with their eyes first. The label must reflect the personality of the winery as well as what is inside the bottle and trying to appeal across generations can be quite the challenge! A well designed label can give a lot of information at first glance it can even indicate that the wine might be more expensive that it actually is. Even the foil at the top is a beacon of attraction…a red foil can indicate that the wine has berry flavors while a yellow foil could suggest the wine is buttery smooth, and then there’s the wax cover. I recently heard a talk by a winemaker who thinks of her wine as being in the ‘fashion’ business…and to say that ‘wine is fashion’ actually makes sense to me. Just as this applies to car design, dress design, or even cell phone design…you get the picture. I personally go for labels that are simple but bold. I don’t like a lot of ‘noise’ or bad humor for example. I also recognize that others would be attracted to the latter aspects, so how do you hit the happy medium?  Each winery has its own unique story to tell and in this age of stories being told in 3 second bytes, it is important to reach the consumer browsing as you may only get a 3 second glance to catch their attention.

Take a look at the labels below…which ones appeal to you?chappellet