It is hard to turn off the ‘noise’ in a world that is literally exploding all around us. We live in a time of instant news, twitter, facebook, blogs and news feeds constantly bombarding us with the terrible things going on, and we search for answers and understanding, trying to make some sense of a world where reason seems no longer to exist. I am grateful that the Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner so I can take some time to shut it down, I mean I feel that I have zero control over what is happening today which is unnerving to say the least. I am looking forward to a bit of peace and quiet and some time to turn my attention to the things I can control. I can absolutely be more present for my family over this holiday and truly enjoy each moment we spend together. I can look forward to the preparation of the house, the shopping, the cooler weather and the isolation on the hill with beautiful views. I can anticipate the arrival of my family with excitement and  know they are really looking forward to the goings on over this holiday. I can look forward to the long walks through the vineyard while we exchange stories and laugh out loud! It will be good for my soul to grill the turkey while I watch the hustle of the kitchen activity inside…no doubt, we will be throwing the football around before the meal to warm up a bit and then we will all join hands giving thanks. I can look forward to the music we will make with the fireplace aglow and  know in that moment I have control over my small corner of the world. And maybe I can help myself to make this feeling last more that just a day or a weekend by giving back a little more…Kirsten and I have been proudly associated with Valley Community Healthcare for many years, supporting their work to provide health care for working and immigrant families who cannot afford care. That feels good. There are food banks and pet shelters, charities that do important health research and care for the neediest among us that would welcome any contribution we can muster, and not just during this time of the year. I think actions like these can help to lessen the constant barrage of incoming ‘noise’ and help us to take control of our own small world .

I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is a peek at what we will be serving:

To start:

Roederer Estate Anderson ValleySparkling Wine




With the meal:

2014 Selby Russian River Valley Chardonnay


2010 Arbios Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon from our very own Wild      Creek Ranch Vineyards

With cigars:  Lagavulin 16 Year Single Malt Scotch