Dare….if you will

Leave it to one of the best story tellers of our time, Francis Ford Coppola to bring an intriguing new experience to Sonoma County with his Virginia Dare winery. When I first saw the name go up on the winery building I was perplexed, who would want to name their winery “Virginia Dare” in Sonoma County!?! So we paid a visit with some friends on a rainy day to check it out. The whole experience was very inviting and once we go to know more about  the legend behind the wines, we were intrigued! Why Virgina Dare you might ask? Apparently there had been a winery with this name in the late 1930’s and their ads included  a ‘jingle’ that had an impact. In an interview Francis did with the “Today” show on NBC back in October 2015, he described how the ‘jingle’ stuck with him after he heard it at 5 years old. This ultimately led him to discover the story of Virginia Dare, the first child of English parents born in the New World.

It’s amazing to think of the subtle impact of something like this, but then I started to think back to when I was maybe 8 or 9 years old and hearing ‘jingles’ on the radio and how they still stick in my mind to this day…”Hamm’s the beer refreshing”,” Campbell’s soups are mmmm mmmm good!” Even now, the power of a jingle to stay with you is apparent, think about “Nationwide is on your side!” The Virginia Dare song made such an impact on Francis that he turned it into a  marketable venture.
As a filmmaker through the years, Coppola has had the ability to really engage an audience and bring them into his movies. We all felt as though we ‘belonged’ to Corleone family in the Godfather series, we were with the troops in Vietnam for “Apocalpyse Now”  and we experienced jazz in Harlem from the front row in “The Cotton Club.”  Now he has take this story telling skill to bring us the legends surrounding ‘Virginia Dare,’ and instead of a film, he and his winemaker Corey Beck have chosen to create four wines, each representing a unique aspect of the story. ‘The White Doe’, ‘Manteo’, ‘Two Arrowheads’ and ‘The Lost Colony’ tell four tales of Virginia Dare through the choice of varietals used and  in their presentation.

If I were to try and tie this all up together I would say it is about a passion… a passion for telling stories, a passion for film or wine and how that can be translated into something that consumers would want to experience. In this age of instant everything, it is refreshing to find a new story and to explore a new passion, I urge you to expand your own horizons and have fun exploring new wines!

Virginia Dare Winery

There are also two Showcase wines from this winery that are very well crafted and from the Russian River Valley…Virginia Dare 2014 Pinot Noir and the Virginia Dare 2014 Chardonnay…both worth checking out.